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For the customers that we deal with, we focus on networking and creating relationships past the daily communication. We take the time to get to know the customers we deal with, and make sure to break down the risk management involved with each business account that we manage. We want to ensure our customers fully understand their options, so they can make an educated decision that best benefits their business. Through constant networking, we have customers that will refer us to other businesses that they work with, who may also benefit from our client’s services, which has also allowed us to assist in the growth of our client’s brand awareness.

Here at Wayne Marketing Enterprises, we are invested in constantly bettering the community that we work in on a day-to-day basis. Many of our team members are dedicated to volunteering on the weekends as well as fundraising for local charities. Everyone who joins our team is encouraged to help give back to their local communities, and we hope that through our time and dedication, we will continue to build a strong relationship with the various cities our customers are based out of in the metro-Detroit area.

Our business has the speed to market that every company desire to achieve. We can get to our clients’ customers faster than any other firm, and our goal of finalizing an account same day is the most efficient way for our clients to work. Which means they get a 100 percent return on their investment. The training and systems we provide for our employees is planned to set them up for success, and we train everyone from the ground up, which means that the correct systems and foundation to assist in training and management are firmly in place.

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