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Caleb Stump – CEO/President

Caleb was originally born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but has since moved with his family into Michigan. He grew up in the city of St. Clair Shores, and while going to Lakeview High School was involved in several extracurricular activities. He was a multi-sport athlete, playing football and baseball, as well as being involved in the community with volunteer efforts. Caleb was offered the opportunity to go play football at Wayne State University, but an injury his senior year hindered the opportunity.

He followed his love for the business world by attending Wayne State for a double major in Finance/Marketing and started his career as an intern in another marketing firm in early 2016. He discovered a passion for entrepreneurship and decided he did not want to be able to create opportunities for others to build their careers, not his own. He founded Wayne Marketing Enterprises on October 16th, 2017. His primary focus is always on being the best example for those around him, and loves being able to help others achieve success and growth.

Kyle Norman – Founding Partner

Kyle was born and raised in Troy, Michigan. He grew up playing basketball, soccer, baseball, and football. Kyle attended both Oakland Community College and Oakland University where he received his degree in Business Management. He gained valuable experience in the Sales and Marketing field by working for Pepsi for 5 years.

His competitive edge has gained him quite a bit of success including making him the winner of an Industry Top Performance Award in 2013, being nominated for Rookie of the year in 2016, and a 20/20 Award winner. Kyle has worked on multiple marketing campaigns and is determined and enthusiastic about the expansion of the company.


Our business has the speed to market that every company desire to achieve. We can get to our clients’ customers faster than any other firm, and our goal of finalizing an account same day is the most efficient way for our clients to work. Which means they get a 100 percent return on their investment. The training and systems we provide for our employees is planned to set them up for success, and we train everyone from the ground up, which means that the correct systems and foundation to assist in training and management are firmly in place.

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