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Welcome to Wayne Marketing Enterprises Inc.

We are a professional consulting and marketing firm with one goal in mind; to continuously grow our clients’ brand awareness and customer base in local markets.

About Us

Wayne Marketing Enterprises is an independently owned marketing firm who represents Fortune 100 and 500 clients in various industries. As a startup, we have mutually agreed to take an extremely aggressive approach regarding growth and expansion opportunities for our clients, team, and company as a whole.

What We Do

Since launching locally outside of Detroit, Michigan in October of 2017, we have a goal to help in the rejuvenation of businesses in Detroit as it transitions in its rebirth. Wayne Marketing Enterprises specializes in various techniques and strategies for marketing various products and services to specific target audiences.

Our Team

We also understand that we will not reach our goal alone, which is why we work for our team instead of with our team. We do not view our team members as numbers, but as individuals who contribute to the growth and excellence of Wayne Marketing Enterprises as a whole.

Company Ethos

Here at Wayne Marketing Enterprises, we pride ourselves on having a diverse team from a variety of backgrounds and education levels. Everyone has their own interests and beliefs, and this diversity has helped us branch into multiple fields, as well as customer acquisitions. Our team can be quite competitive, but we also offer a very supportive, growth-oriented culture. We believe that teamwork and encouragement are some of the most essential tools needed to grow a business, as well as someone’s career.

Why Choose Wayne?

We understand what our clients require to continue to grow their brand, and the largest obstacle any given company faces is attracting new customers, while also having them remain loyal to a company’s products or services. Our clients choose to work with us because we have the resources necessary to assist in all new customer acquisitions and account management for their customers based in the entire metro-Detroit area. More and more businesses are looking to grow their footprint within the city of Detroit, and they look to work with a team that has a central focus and understanding of the people living here.

The Vision

Detroit has a motto; “Speramus Meliora. Resurget Cineribus”, meaning “We hope for better things” and “It will rise from the ashes.” We have focused the direction of the growth and development of Wayne Marketing Enterprises with this motto in mind. Like the city of Detroit, we have maintained a focus on the potential our team, our clients, and our business hold, and continuously strive to reach the goals not only set by our clients, but ourselves as well. We focus on the relationship that is being built between customer and client, as a way that could help propel their business to new levels in revenue, growth, and progression.

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Our business has the speed to market that every company desire to achieve. We can get to our clients’ customers faster than any other firm, and our goal of finalizing an account same day is the most efficient way for our clients to work. Which means they get a 100 percent return on their investment. The training and systems we provide for our employees is planned to set them up for success, and we train everyone from the ground up, which means that the correct systems and foundation to assist in training and management are firmly in place.

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